Computer Services

Computer Services is comprised of User Support, Management Information Systems, Enterprise Systems and the BearPass Card Office.  We are proud to be able to serve the university community and strive to provide service in a way that is effective, efficient and in line with the overall goals of the university. 

User Support provides assistance to students, faculty and staff on a wide range of fronts.  They operate the help desk, and support desktop and mobile computing. User Support also operates the University’s three Open-Access Computer Labs and two Technology Training Centers. If you have questions about the services they provide, or would like to discuss any information technology needs you might have, please contact them at

The Management Information Systems (MIS) unit of Computer Services is dedicated to making the University operate more efficiently through the use of software. MIS supports the University’s computing needs by writing custom software, investigating third-party products and identifying how existing software can be augmented or used more effectively.  If you have questions about the services they provide, or would like to discuss your software needs, please contact them at

The Operations and Systems unit of Computer Services is committed to securely, efficiently, and reliably provide the services required to meet the University’s enterprise-wide computing needs. In pursuit of this purpose, Operations and Systems maintains and manages over 300 physical and virtual servers while providing a variety of other services to the University. If you have questions about passwords, email, disk quotas, BearPass Cards, data backup and recovery, web-based group management, contact             

As the director, I have the privilege and responsibility for a large group of people working to meet a diverse set of needs in a constantly changing environment.  It is our goal to provide top-notch customer service and I encourage you to contact me if you need additional assistance. 

Computer Services News

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