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The Management Information Systems, also known as MIS, unit of Computer Services is dedicated to making the university operate more efficiently through the use of software. MIS supports Missouri State's computing needs by writing custom software, investigating third-party products and identifying how existing software can be augmented or used more effectively.

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Our services

Management information systems strives to apply our resources to the projects that have the potential for the biggest impact to the university in support of Missouri State's overall goals.

Safeguard information and help ensure data security and integrity

We provide stewardship of the data to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Review access to applications and data to ensure only those who are eligible for access are granted it. Provide timely information on personnel changes so access can be revoked or adjusted.

Improve efficiency

We provide custom software solutions, maintain third party software, manage imaging systems, create interfaces and other tasks.

Promote communication

Our key performance indicators, automated email notifications and numerous web pages facilitate communication.

Tie it all together

We work to develop a seamless integration between Banner and many other applications, government agencies, services, and information bureaus. Creative interfaces make disparate systems work together.

Make it easy

We strive to provide systems and service to the university that allows our customers to ignore the technology behind it all and concentrate on the business of the University. Our job is to create and support systems that provide value and improve efficiency, leaving everyone else to serve the students and faculty. There are many different ways we contribute to this goal, but almost always we are working very closely with the many constituents we serve around campus. Some examples of how we "make it easy":

  • General support of the Banner system and underlying Oracle database, including upgrades to both systems, management of the technical aspects of access management, and a general stewardship of each systems' overall health and performance. Patches and minor upgrades occur frequently with both of these systems, usually requiring off-hours attention.
  • Systems analysts provide internal consulting on everything from business process improvement using existing systems to software purchase recommendations or custom software development to fill gaps left by our other solutions. We work directly with Missouri State constituents with a need and strive to recommend a solution to fill that need. Our understanding of specific Missouri State policies and procedures is often invaluable.
  • Stewardship and support of a myriad of third-party systems, vendor interfaces, and the creation of custom solutions augment Banner functionality.

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