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The mission of the information security office is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Missouri State data and information systems; and strengthen university preparedness, timely response, and rapid recovery in the event of cyber attack, natural disaster, or other emergency.

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Threats to computing and communications environments are evolving. While computers have transformed the workplace and become integral to university life, they have also provided opportunity for nefarious elements to prey on our information assets. Defending against cyber attack is not simply a movie plot; it is now a fact-of-life.

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Regulatory compliance

Validate compliance with federal and state requirements for information security, to deter financial loss, inhibited productivity, civil and criminal liability, and diminished reputation.

Risk management

Provide assessment and guidance on information security risks by identifying, evaluating, and communicating threats and vulnerabilities; developing and maintaining policies and supporting processes; and enforcing regulatory requirements.

Counterintelligence and mitigation

Implement and operate security management systems to detect and deter malicious activity affecting the university's information management resources.

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