Information Services

Information Services provides or arranges for the numerous responsive, effective and efficient computing support and services to the Missouri State community. We will continue to maintain what we have, explore what is possible, and implement emerging technologies as needed to support the university’s mission and strategic objectives.

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Our vision and mission

Missouri State has determined that students, faculty and staff achieve success, in part, by the level of technology infused into the institution and the way those technologies are used to improve quality, increase access and operate efficiently. Our mission is to contribute to the effectiveness of information services by actively participating in the planning, development and implementation of information technology for the university. In pursuit of its mission, information services looks to:

  • Continue the development of the university’s administrative systems which serve as the foundation for effective and efficient business execution.
  • Support academic programs and the learning community through the application of established and emerging technologies.
  • Provide quality communication, support, and professional development to enhance employee performance and customer service.
  • Maintain the university’s technology infrastructure at the level required to ensure reliable and secure delivery of services and technologies.
  • Ensure comprehensive policies and procedures for information security, regulatory mandates, and disaster recovery are regularly evaluated and effectively executed.
  • Enhance the use of information technology to promote the university and recruit students.

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