Operations and Systems

The Operations and Systems unit of Computer Services is committed to securely, efficiently, and reliably provide the services required to meet the University’s enterprise-wide computing needs. In pursuit of this purpose, Operations and Systems maintains and manages over 300 physical and virtual servers while providing a variety of other services to the University.

Services We Provide

Provisioning and Authorization to ensure the right people have access to correct resources.

Infrastructure and Authentication verifying the identity of a person attempting to gain access to resources.

Messaging and Collaboration to facilitate communication among students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Web and Application Hosting by maintaining server hardware and software.

File Storage for faculty and staff, as well as file storage for academic and administrative departments.

Departmental Server Support for servers that do not necessarily provide a university-wide or campus-wide service.

Platform and Application Consulting to assist users with selecting the proper platform and software.

Passwords, email, disk quotas, Blackboard, BearPass Cards, data backup and recovery, web-based group management… the list goes on and on. If we can assist you, please email Stacey Tune. 


Operations and Systems News

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